Rumor: Epcot Forever fireworks show was originally proposed to be narrated by Figment

The Epcot Forever fireworks show at Epcot has been met with mixed reviews following its debut earlier this month. While many guests love the mixture of classic Epcot music and themes, the inclusion of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin and the use of children narrators didn’t resonate quite as well.

A new rumor suggests that at least the narrator portion of the show could have been very different. Disney insider Martin Smith stated that Figment was the narrator for Epcot Forever in one of the original proposals for the show. That idea was obviously scrapped at some point as development of the show pushed forward into what guests see today.

Figment serving as the narrator of a show that celebrates Epcot’s rich history is almost too perfect of an idea. It makes far more sense than the current narration performed by children. However, there may be a very simple answer as to why Figment isn’t the host of Epcot Forever.

A different rumor has suggested an overhaul to the Imagination Pavilion is in Epcot’s long-term plans. It’s unclear how (or if) Figment will be used in those future plans at this time. Disney may have wanted to avoid using Figment as such an integral part of their latest show if the character’s future is uncertain, even if Epcot Forever is a temporary offering.

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