Walt Disney World not planning any immediate changes after Governor DeSantis’ decision to lift restrictions

Governor Ron DeSantis has moved the state of Florida into Phase 3 of its reopening plan. This third phase lifts capacity restrictions on restaurants and allows large venues (movie theaters, casinos, etc) to re-open fully with limited social distancing protocols. The measure specifically states theme parks may also return to normal operation with limited social distancing.

The section highlighting theme parks can be seen below:

Despite Florida’s relaxation of social distancing restrictions, Walt Disney World does not have any immediate plans to change their operations. Disney’s official statement says they will evaluate the order and they want to remind that face coverings are still required at Walt Disney World.

Disney has gone to extensive measures to make sure social distancing is maintained for guests on property. They’ve added plexiglass barriers to queues and ride vehicles, installed distancing markers for guests to stand on and adjusted capacity throughout the parks. They’ve maintained a cautious reopening approach while the state of Florida has moved more quickly.

Some restrictions may be eased before others, such as increasing capacity on specific attractions, but it’s unlikely Disney will rush things back to normal too quickly.

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