Plexiglass dividers have been installed throughout Disney World’s attractions and queues

Walt Disney World is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it may receive a new nickname when its theme parks reopen to guests. Disney’s efforts to maintain social distancing and keep their guests safe has resulted in a huge number of plexiglass dividers being added to their attractions and queues.

We’re able to see some of those new dividers during the first batch of cast member previews. Summarized, whenever a queue or ride puts people close to one another, a plexiglass divider has been installed.

From the boats on the Jungle Cruise…

To the queue for Flight of Passage…

Disney has added plexiglass almost everywhere their could be possible guest contact or close proximity.

The Kilimanjaro Safari trucks have had partitions added between every row in the truck, allowing guests to remove their masks during the ride.

Even the Monorail cars have new partitions:

Of course, one has to wonder how Disney is going to deal with the monumental tasks of keeping all of these dividers clean for guests. They’ll need to be regularly cleaned in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Credit to Disney for undertaking this logistical nightmare to reshape and adjust their queues and attractions to meet safety guidelines. They’ve recognized some areas simply won’t allow for proper social distancing on their own and have installed a ton of new barriers to meet that challenge.

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