HarmonioUS fireworks spectacular to debut at Epcot in Spring 2020

Update: D23 has removed the mention of Spring 2020 from their original article. They now only mention that HarmonioUS will open in 2020.


Disney has finally revealed when guests should expect to see a brand new nighttime spectacular at Epcot. HarmonioUS, the show that will replace the temporary Epcot Forever show, is expected to debut in Spring 2020.

The opening window was announced by D23.com in a list of what guests should look forward to from Disney in 2020. A specific debut date for HarmonioUS wasn’t included in the D23 announcement.

Barring any unforeseen delays, this announcement indicates that the total life of Epcot Forever will be a bit shorter than originally expected. Many assumed Epcot Forever would run for about a year after its October 1, 2019 debut, but this news suggests it could be significantly shorter.

We thought Epcot Forever was a bit of a mixed bag. It had some outstanding elements (those kites!) building to an ending that felt a bit odd (inclusion of an Aladdin song to reflect Epcot’s shifting values). The show appeared to be enjoyed by both those who know Epcot’s rich history and those who simply like fireworks and some cool kite effects.

HarmonioUS is expected to include floating set pieces, fountains, LED panels, lights, lasers and fireworks. The overall theme of the show is about Disney music and how it resonates around the world. Look for a specific debut date to be announced in the near future.

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