What is pin trading at Walt Disney World?

Pin trading is a popular activity found at all Disney parks. The hobby involves the buying and trading of special collectible pins that feature characters and all things Disney.

At Disney World, you’ll find that pin trading is an extremely easy hobby to learn and participate in with cast members.

First, you’ll need to purchase a starter set. These typically come with a lanyard that you can use to display the pins found in the starter set. You’ll be able to find a starter pin set either in the parks or by clicking here and exploring the online Disney Store.

Next, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to trade or keep your pins. That can be an extremely difficult decision! Disney has created thousands of unique pins that will soon have sentimental value with memories of where and when you found the pin. Limited edition pins and sets only make those decisions more difficult.

The actual act of pin trading is easy. Cast members who are wearing a lanyard around their neck or by their hip will happily trade with guests. Each cast member must trade with the guest as long as the pins are official and all of the pin trading rules are being followed. You pick which pin you’d like and which pin you’d like to give up and then you swap pins. It’s that easy. However, you may only trade two pins with the same cast member each day.

Guests may also trade with one another, but be aware that you do so at your own risk. Don’t feel that you have to trade with anyone. After all, they’re your pins.

Be warned: Pin trading can be extremely addicting. It’s also good to be aware that there are people out there making fake pins and trying to sell them online (this is especially common on eBay). Make sure you’re only buying and trading authentic Disney pins.

Have more questions about pin trading? There are some great resources online, such as the Disney Pins Blog, that follow what’s new and all things pin trading.

Photo via Disney

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