Cast members won’t be pin trading when Walt Disney World’s parks reopen

Walt Disney World’s theme parks will look very different when they reopen to guests in July. We already know that parades, fireworks and character meet and greets will be temporarily suspended, but what about some of the other smaller magical details like cast member pin trading?

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, pin trading will be temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future due to the current health regulations. Pin trading involves direct interaction and contact between cast members and guests, which is something Disney is trying to avoid with their social distancing measures.

However, Disney is reportedly trying to come up with a creative solution that will allow for pin trades to continue under the new safety guidelines. No specifics have been outlined, but cast members have mentioned that a centralized pin board is a possibility that’s being discussed.

Pin boards wouldn’t be a new a new addition to Walt Disney World – you could already find them at many stores and resorts – but making them the primary way to trade pins in a central location would be an adjustment. Disney would have to come up with a way to organize the process where a guests can swap pins with the ones on the board without crowding or going against the social distancing guidelines.

Disney’s reopening plans are still evolving and are subject to change at any time. As we’ve seen with the rumored distanced character encounters that may be coming to the Magic Kingdom, Disney is trying their best to creatively maintain the magic while still emphasizing safety.

Photo via Disney.

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