Video: New footage of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and hear John Williams’ new Star Wars themes

Composer John Williams is a legend in the Star Wars universe. His iconic themes are some of the most memorable parts of the entire series. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge creeping ever closer in 2019, Disney has revealed that Williams has composed new unique themes just for the land.

While debuting a taste of what Williams has created, the video below also shows off some great drone footage and new views of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

If that doesn’t get you excited for the new land, we aren’t sure what will.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge looks incredible. The area feels enormous and immersive with large buildings and detailed theming. The quick looks we have inside the Millennium Falcon attraction and inside the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride are enough to intrigue even casual Star Wars fans. If you need some scale of what’s coming in 2019, the image at the top of the page has a few workers wearing neon yellow along the bottom roadway. They look tiny!

Meanwhile, it’s exciting to learn that Williams is creating the musical themes for the land. He is a master at setting a scene, creating a feeling and connecting listeners to what’s happening around them.

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