Video: Live Stormtroopers seen in Rise of the Resistance

There’s no question that Rise of the Resistance is the most immersive attraction Disney has ever created. That level of immersion has been taken to a new level in recent days as captured guests spotted live Stormtroopers patrolling the First Order Star Destroyer.

The Stormtroopers have been seen in both the main hangar area and in the interrogation area where guests prepare to enter their holding cells. Check out a couple of the videos below.

This is awesome. As if the level of immersion in Rise of the Resistance wasn’t high enough thanks to the impressive sets and amazing First Order and Resistance cast members, having live Stormtroopers walking around makes it feel like a real working ship.

Currently, it appears to be fairly random whether you’ll see the live Stormtroopers during your ride. We experienced Rise of the Resistance twice during a recent visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we didn’t encounter any of the live Stormtroopers. However, they’ve been spotted more and more often in recent days, so it’s possible this is a test that could become a more regular offering.

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