Video: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at ‘Wondrous Journeys’ at Disneyland

Disney has released a new video that takes guests behind-the-scenes of Disneyland Park’s newest nighttime spectacular Wondrous Journeys. The video offers a rare look into a control room at Disneyland, the amazing projections on Main Street USA, and the show’s 50-foot flames.

Enjoy a fascinating look into Wondrous Journeys (and into the tech that makes Disneyland nighttime spectaculars possible) below.

This peak behind the curtail may spoil some of the “how did they do that?” magic for some, but we think it’s fascinating. A lot of technology and talented cast members help make Wondrous Journeys‘ fireworks, projections, and effects possible.

Wondrous Journeys debuted January 27, 2023, and celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. Specifically, it celebrates 100 years of Disney animation with references to all of Disney’s animated films. The show is a fantastic addition to Disneyland Park.

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