TRON Lightcycle Run Opens April 4, 2023 at Magic Kingdom

Disney has officially revealed when guests will be able to visit The Grid in TRON Lightcycle Run. The highly-anticipated coaster at Magic Kingdom will open to the public on April 4, 2023, with cast member, passholder and DVC previews taking place before that date.

TRON Lightcycle Run was originally announced as a new attraction for Magic Kingdom all the way back at D23 Expo 2017. It’ll be almost six years between that announcement and the day when the coaster opens to the public. That’s one lengthy project timeline, even by Disney’s standards.

TRON Lightcycle Run was touted as one of the big enhancements for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. After it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, Disney delayed the opening in what could be summarized as a marketing decision.

Will TRON Lightcycle Run use a virtual queue? Disney hasn’t said anything on the topic, but it seems like a certainty. Walt Disney World’s most recent attractions (Cosmic Rewind, Ratatouille) have all utilized a virtual queue upon opening. Cosmic Rewind seems like it’s ready to drop its virtual queue, which would help keep things simple at Walt Disney World.

Guests planning to visit The Grid as soon as it opens should be aware that the April 4, 2023 window is going to be a crazy one at Magic Kingdom. That date is in the thick of Spring Break season, and Magic Kingdom will already be drawing big crowds when Happily Ever After returns on April 3.

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