Theme Park Reservations Won’t Be Required for Date-Based Tickets at Walt Disney World in 2024

Walt Disney World is dropping its theme park reservation requirement for date-based tickets in 2024! Beginning with tickets with a start date on January 9, 2024 or later, guests won’t have to book a reservation at the theme park they’re planning to visit.

The exciting news was announced on the Disney Parks Blog:

Starting with park visits on Jan. 9, 2024, theme park reservations will no longer be required for date-based tickets. You heard that right! When getting your ticket, you will simply select a start date for Jan. 9, 2024 or later, complete your purchase and then you will be all set! For reference, date-based tickets are the standard ticket option we offer to guests. For other admission types, including non-dated tickets, theme park reservations may be required to help us continue managing attendance and delivering a great experience for everyone.

Date-based tickets are the type of ticket used by the majority of guests visiting Walt Disney World. Once guests select the start date of their visit, that’s all they’ll need to do. They can then visit the theme parks without any annoying reservations.

This change is the latest from Disney to make the guest experience a bit easier at Walt Disney World. Park reservations have been a major annoyance and, by all accounts, are mostly unnecessary outside of Disney benefiting from the data. Gradually, the Walt Disney World guest experience is returning to pre-2020 levels.

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