The Changes Coming to Disneyland’s Paradise Pier Hotel are Welcome and Necessary

Disney has announced that Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel will go through a significant transformation. The hotel, which is one of three Disney hotels at Disneyland resort, will be rethemed into a new contemporary Pixar theme. The changes will include a new “entrance portal” that will take guests directly into Disney California Adventure.

Below is an excerpt from Disney’s announcement.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel will soon begin a transformation, with an all-new theme! The reimagining of the hotel will weave the artistry of Pixar into its comfortable, contemporary setting. Guests will gain a new perspective on some of their favorite Pixar worlds and characters through carefully curated artwork, and décor that reveals the creative journey of the artists who helped bring these stories to life.

Guests will be welcomed into whimsical character moments, like the iconic, playful Pixar Lamp balancing atop its ball in the lobby. Stay tuned, as we will share much more about this project soon!

Disney has not officially announced what Paradise Pier will be called once the project is complete. Perhaps the most exciting part of the change is the return of a dedicated entrance to Disney California Adventure for Paradise Pier guests.

Today, we’re excited to share that a walkway is currently under construction which will soon give Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel guests a convenient entrance to Disney California Adventure park!

Inevitably, Disney fans will have some mixed opinions about the choice to use Pixar as the new theme of Paradise Pier. But, let’s set aside those debates and focus on what really matters here – these changes are absolutely needed at Paradise Pier.

Disney’s Paradise Pier is widely criticized and for good reason. The hotel was purchased by Disney from a third party in 1995. Disney added some of their own touches, but to this day the hotel feels like a mediocre third-party hotel with some Disney theming slapped in. That’s a big problem considering the hotel charges Disney prices that are higher than many neighboring hotels.

Speaking of neighboring hotels, many are actually closer to Disneyland than Paradise Pier. Guests could have a shorter walk to the parks and a nicer room for a lower price by staying in a non-Disney resort. That’s made it almost impossible to recommend Paradise Pier over the other two Disneyland hotels or even good neighbor hotels.

Thankfully, it sounds like the transformation of Paradise Pier will address these problems. The dedicated entrance to Disney California Adventure instantly makes the new Paradise Pier a more viable option. We hope the theme, which we’re glad is overall Pixar versus the speculated Toy Story theming, freshens up a hotel in desperate need of some love.

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