Are the Pools Heated at Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World vacations usually center around the hustle and bustle of the theme parks and experiencing everything they have to offer. But if relaxing is more your speed, the resorts at Walt Disney World have you covered with amenities intended to offer a break from the theme parks.

Taking some time to sit by the pool or going for a swim can be a great way to recharge your batteries before heading back to the parks. Thankfully, every resort at Walt Disney World has at least one pool area (most resorts have multiple!) for you to enjoy.

It’s time to ask the important question – are the pools heated at Walt Disney World?

Yes, every pool at Walt Disney World is heated!

All of the pools at Walt Disney World are heated to a temperature of 82 degrees. Guests are welcome to take a dip even during the cooler winter months when outdoor temperatures drop. This is the same reported temperature of the pools at Disneyland Resort hotels.

We personally took advantage of the heated pools during one of our winter stays at the Yacht Club Resort. Despite it being January and the outdoor temperatures hovering around 60 and 70 degrees, we braved the weather and took a swim in one of the best pools at Walt Disney World – Stormalong Bay. How could we resist? The water was warm, but we did encounter some cold spots. That’s fairly expected in a pool the size of Stormalong Bay. Things only got frigid when we got out and had to bundle back up.

Swimming during the winter months is more than doable at Walt Disney World. The water temperature is quite comfortable – once you get over the shock of the outdoor temperature – and the pools are far less crowded compared to the hot summer months.

Ready to go for a swim? Take a relaxing dip during your next Walt Disney World vacation knowing that the water will be heated to a comfortable temperature.

Photo via Disney

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