Rumor: Spaceship Earth to get a major refurbishment, may close by the end of 2019

Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth is getting ready for a major refurbishment that could see significant changes to the attraction. The changes and updates come as Epcot begins to update and change the overall look and feel of Future World.

The refurbishment period may see significant track and ride vehicle work in addition to changes to the scenes themselves. Disney insider Martin Smith indicates that this is a sizable project that exceeds other refurbishment periods seen over the past 20 years in terms of overall scale.

The rumors didn’t include too many specifics regarding content, but Smith did drop this suggestion.

If you like the Phoenicians get a ride in this year. There’s a lot of work going to be done.

Martin Smith, WDWMagic

According to Smith, Spaceship Earth could close as early as the end of 2019.

It may close by the end of the year.

Martin Smith, WDWMagic

Judging by his comments, an official closing date hasn’t been set. A date in 2020 is also very possible at this time.

Note that nothing regarding this project has been officially announced by Disney. It’s possible this project could evolve or change significantly before it’s announced to the public. However, it appears certain that a major refurbishment project is coming to Spaceship Earth in the not too distant future.

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