Rumor: Spaceship Earth’s planned refurbishment might be delayed until 2020

Spaceship Earth is rumored to receive a massive refurbishment that’s expected to close the attraction for as long as a couple of years. Previous rumors suggested that the project might begin as early as 2019, but new reports state that things might be delayed until 2020.

To date, Disney hasn’t announced anything regarding Spaceship Earth. However, several Disney insiders have stated that a large refurbishment project is planned that would completely update the entire Spaceship Earth experience. The belief is that the project would close the attraction for about two years as the track is replaced and numerous show scenes are updated / replaced.

Changes to Spaceship Earth come as Disney prepares to completely alter the main entrance at Epcot. There’s also other rumors floating around suggesting that Future World as a whole will receive significant changes ranging from the demolition of existing buildings to the construction of a beer garden.

Epcot is a theme park going through a major transition. From the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster and the Ratatouille attraction to the rumored changes in Future World, it’s likely guests will see some form of construction in Epcot for years to come. That will include the park’s icon sitting closed for a significant amount of time.

But for now, guests may have a bit more time to ride Spaceship Earth.

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