Rumor: Drones may be used during the opening of Rise of the Resistance

The opening of the new Rise of the Resistance attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios may be an event you don’t want to miss. A recent rumor suggests that drones could be used during the opening event for Rise of the Resistance to help sell the illusion that guests are actually visiting the outpost planet of Batuu.

The overall idea is that drones will be designed to look like familiar Star Wars ships (X-wings and TIE fighters) and will fly in the sky around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. One source stated that the drones are actually quite large (not your average recreational drones) and have already been used in select testing near Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The natural forced perspective of the land would make it look like the drones are actual ships taking off and landing around Batuu. More testing needs to be completed before things can move forward.

Place this rumor squarely in the “wait and see” category. The idea would need to be extensively tested and approved before any drones could get off the ground with guests in the area. Weather also plays an obvious role assuming the testing phase went well. There are a lot of variables both inside and outside of Disney’s control that could derail this concept before it gets off the ground.

However, this does line up with technology that has been reported on by reliable Disney insiders. You may remember that we discussed drones being used in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge well before the land opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That hasn’t come to fruition yet, but with Disney wanting to rejuvenate the land after a sluggish start, the stars may finally be ready to align.

Rise of the Resistance represents an opportunity for Disney to relaunch Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge after the land debuted to mixed reviews. The Rise of the Resistance attraction will hopefully serve as the anchor the land needs. Meanwhile, the drone idea would add some needed kinetic energy to a land that’s sorely lacking it. Droids were supposed to roam around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but that idea hasn’t been rolled out either due to budget limitations or the belief they won’t work well in larger crowds.

Stay tuned. We should see testing in the near future if this rumor proves to be true.

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