Rumor: Droids are supposed to roam Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but large crowds might prevent that

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is supposed to be a fully immersive environment that brings guests directly into the Star Wars universe. That immersion is supposed to include droids that will roam around the land, but a new report suggests that might not be possible due to large crowds.

Attractions Magazine reports that the self-controlled droids are built and ready to go, but Disney is concerned about using them in the enormous crowds.

” … and how they had many self-driving droids planned for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but had to delay them because of the crowds expected. I clarified with him that the droids are ready to go, but they just don’t work as well in large crowds.”

Attractions Magazine

For what it’s worth, we have seen Disney test out a self-controlled droid in the past. One of the droids was spotted traveling around Tomorrowland at Disneyland in late 2017. Unfortunately, kids crowded around and banged on the poor droid, likely making Disney worry whether or not their droids can survive in larger crowds.

Poor droid.

Current speculation suggests that the droids won’t be in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until the initial crowds start to die down. But, it seems unlikely that the crowds will die down at any point in the foreseeable future, putting the droids’ status in doubt. We also question whether or not crowds – regardless of size – will be able to behave around the droids after the rocky experiment in Disneyland.

Will droids ever be able to freely roam around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Here’s hoping that Disney is able to figure out a solution before this idea hits the cutting room floor.

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