It looks like a unique feature was removed from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Update: It looks like our fun Star Wars alien has returned! Guests have snapped photos showing the alien back in the tank in recent days. Welcome back!


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is supposed to make guests feel like they’ve been transported to a galaxy far, far away. Disney combined sounds, smells and creative visuals to convince guests they really are stepping into the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, one of those creative elements appears to have been removed at Walt Disney World.

Take this seemingly insignificant water fountain. Disney added a great nod to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope by adding a Dianoga, the infamous creature from the trash compactor, into the tank above the water fountain. The creature would occasionally pop up blinking, and thanks to some sound effects, make it look like you’re drinking from the tank of water where it resides.

Pretty neat, right? This was one of many small touches that was designed to help sell the idea of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Unfortunately, this particular effect may be one for the history books. Guest @Nunu over at WDWMagic noticed that the tube was blocked off and appeared to be permanently altered.

It’s possible the effect was removed temporarily to prevent groups of people watching it during these times of social distancing.

At first glance, it may look like Disney has temporarily blocked the tube with the effect. But, taking a closer look, the change looks like it’s supposed to be more permanent.

The addition of weathered brackets across both tanks is theming that suggests the Dianoga may not return even after the parks return to normal.

Too often new lands or attractions at Walt Disney World are the best when they first open. Over time, and as maintenance issues pile up, elements and features are slowly removed and rarely returned. It’s disappointing for many guests who may not be able to visit and see these design elements as they were intended.

Here’s hoping the Dianoga may pop up again in the near future.

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