Rumor: Minnie Vans will soon take guests from Disney World to Port Canaveral

Vacationers planning a joint Disney World and Disney Cruise Line vacation may have another option when traveling between the land and sea portions of their trip. A new rumor from suggests that Minnie Vans may soon start taking guests from Disney World to Port Canaveral.

Previously, Minnie Vans were only available on Disney World property. That later changed as the service was expanded to offer guests the option to travel from Disney World to Orlando International Airport in a Minnie Van. Now, the next step may be to offer another mode of transportation from Disney World to Port Canaveral. Like the airport, the rumor sounds like the Minnie Vans will only be available to Port Canaveral and not from it.

The rumor didn’t indicate a price, but based on the current $150 cost for a trip from Disney World to the airport as of the date of this article, it’s safe to assume the cost would be in that general ballpark. That’s compared to the current $35-per-person, per-leg price for Disney Cruise Line Transfers. Depending on the size of your group, a Minnie Van may be pretty comparable. Even if the service is more expensive (it likely will be), it should offer more flexibility with scheduling compared to the sometimes unpredictable nature of the Disney Cruise Line Transfers.

Though we don’t know the price for this offering, it seems like an easy way to encourage more Land & Sea Disney vacations.

Disney has not officially confirmed this rumor.

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