Review: Space 220 Lounge at Epcot

Epcot’s Space 220 has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. Reservations routinely book up weeks in advance, which makes dining in space a bit tricky.

Thankfully, the restaurant has a lounge for guests who don’t want to commit to the full meal. Is the Space 220 Lounge worth checking out?

Sign for the Space 220 restaurant at Epcot

Initially, the Space 220 Lounge allowed guests to walk up and wait in line to get inside. Waits could vary from a few minutes to hours, which wasn’t great for planning a day at Epcot. That changed in December 2021 when the Space 220 Lounge started accepting reservations.

Arrival Experience

First, it’s important to know where Space 220 is located. The restaurant sits just to the side of Mission: SPACE (the right side if you’re looking at Mission: SPACE head-on) and is easy to miss. Many guests asked the Space 220 cast members about the ride because the entrance to the restaurant is so tucked away.

We arrived and checked in with the cast members outside. They soon directed us into the lobby and a small seating area. After a short wait, we were handed our “boarding pass” and were told we’d be called to the “Stellarvator” to space.

Space 220 Boarding Pass
Space 220 boarding pass.

The “Stellarvator” is a fun effect that simulates the journey up to Space 220, the space station orbiting 220 miles above Earth. The ride is brief, but the screens and rumbling effects under the floor make the trip feel pretty convincing.

Below is a quick clip of the elevator experience.

Upon arriving at Space 220, guests will first see an impressive display of rotating lettuce. This detail and the overall aesthetic of the hallways help convince you’re in a space station.

These growing techniques would make Living with the Land proud!

Space 220 rotating wall of lettuce
Rotating space lettuce!

We then walked into the star of the show – the main room that has windows looking into space.

Space 220 Lounge

Space 220 windows into space
Most Space 220 windows look down to Earth.

Walking into Space 220’s main room is almost breathtaking. The room is two levels and is completely dominated by large windows with amazing views of Earth and space. The lounge can be found on the right side of the room on the upper level positioned closest to the bar.

We were seated at the bar, which means our back was toward all fun. The designers at Space 220 considered this and put some large mirrors up behind the bar, giving guests a way to still see the view. But, we couldn’t help repeatedly turning around to soak it all in.

Space 220 Lounge Drinks

The Space 220 Lounge is all about its specialty cocktails. There’s unique takes on familiar drinks, creative concoctions, and of course lots of beer and wine.

We ordered the The Big Tang and the Planetary Punch.

Drinks at Epcot's Space 220
Planetary Punch (left) and The Big Tang (right).

The Big Tang (right): Avion Silver, Grand Marnier, Tang-Infused Agave Nectar, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Served with Astronaut Ice Cream.

To say this drink is unique is an understatement. How could we pass up a cocktail made with Tang and Astronaut Ice Cream? Honestly, the flavor is going to be hit or miss depending on the guest. The Tang flavor is actually very subdued – we had trouble picking up on it at all. The Avion Silver, Grand Marnier and Grapefruit were the primary flavors.

The Big Tang wasn’t bad by any means, but it’s only going to appeal to a select group of guests.

Planetary Punch (left): Bacardi Silver, Malibu, Blue Curacao, Guava, Coconut.

Planetary Punch is a deep purple and is served over dry ice. That creates a fun bubbly and smoky appearance. If you like pina coladas, you’ll be a big fan of this drink. There isn’t anything particularly unique in the taste of the Planetary Punch, but the presentation was quite good.

Other guests around us tried some of the beer and whiskey selections, which they all enjoyed. Overall, the drink menu is very large and has something for everyone.

Space 220 Lounge Food

Guests at the Space 220 Lounge can order off an appetizer menu that’s reserved for lounge guests. The guests near us tried the Astro Deviled Eggs and the Short Rib Sliders. Both items received high marks, though we can’t comment personally as we didn’t try them.

We were also offered the ability to order regular menu items a la carte. We took advantage of this and decided to try a couple desserts as we were coming off a big lunch.

Space 220 Chocolate Cheesecake
Space 220 Chocolate Cheesecake.

Chocolate Cheesecake: Whipped Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Crunchy Pearls, Cookie Crumbs, Dark Chocolate Shards.

The chocolate cheesecake was very, very good. This option is quite rich, and guests need to be a big chocolate fan to order it. The dark chocolate shards are thin and melt in your mouth. The cheesecake itself is light and smooth. It’s a lot of chocolate all at once, but it never felt overpowering.

Space 220 Lemon Mousse
Space 220 Lemon Mousse.

Lemon Mousse: Lemon Mousse Sphere adorned with White Chocolate Rings, Lemon Custard, Marinated Blueberries, Lemon Curd.

The lemon mousse is a bit of a mixed bag in presentation. The white chocolate rings are stunning, but the blueberries look kind of scattered. This dessert also delivered on taste and packs a big lemon punch. The lemon flavors, while strong, didn’t taste too artificial or tart. This was a very refreshing dessert.

Overall Space 220 Lounge Review

Space 220 overall view

Overall, we enjoyed the Space 220 Lounge. We ordered four items and each had distinctive tastes that felt unique to the restaurant. That said, we think the cocktails are more fun in their presentation than they are in their taste. The desserts were the bigger star and we enjoyed them quite a bit.

The Space 220 Lounge is not a cheap destination. Each item was priced between $15 and $17 before tax and tip. That’s not the best bang for your buck, but guests are paying for the atmosphere at Space 220. And that atmosphere is extraordinary. There’s always something passing by the windows, from astronauts to ships serious Disney fans will recognize. The space views inside Space 220 feel like the iconic Disney magic of old, which is perhaps ironic since the restaurant is operated by a third party (Patina Restaurant Group).

We think the Space 220 Lounge – and Space 220 as a whole – is one of those Disney experiences that all guests should try and do once. It’s a great experience, but the high prices prevents us from recommending it for every visit.

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