Epcot’s Space 220 Lounge is now accepting reservations

Reservations are now being accepted for the Space 220 Lounge at Epcot. The Space 220 Lounge has been added as its own location for reservations, and must be booked separately from Space 220’s main listing.

Previously, guests could visit the lounge by waiting in a stand-by line just outside the restaurant. Waits could vary from as short as five or 10 minutes to over two hours. It’s important to note that only guests over age 18 are allowed to sit at the bar, which cuts down on the lounge’s space for families.

Disney highlights the Astro Deviled Eggs, Chicken on Waffle, Short Rib Sliders and New England Lobster Roll as available food items. Of course, the lounge also features numerous unique cocktails and liquor options. We were also permitted to order individual ala carte options from the main menu during our lounge visit (their desserts are good), but that’s subject to change.

The lounge provides a quicker, more affordable way to dine in Space 220. We thought it was the perfect option for a quick visit to space without committing to the full meal.

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