You won’t need to scan your fingerprint at Disney World theme park entrances

Walt Disney World’s theme parks are currently running cast member previews and will begin welcoming back regular guests in the coming days. As we all know, the theme parks will look very different with new plexiglass barriers, altered entertainment and some new entrance procedures.

Speaking of the arrival experience, an article by the New York Times confirms what many suspected – you won’t have to scan your fingerprint to get into the theme parks. Traditionally, guests would scan their fingerprint and their MagicBand/ticket before being allowed into the parks. That process of having everyone touching the same thing is an obvious health and safety issue, so Disney has temporarily removed that policy.

Josh D’Amaro, the head of Disney Parks, spoke about how Disney is responding to the new reality surrounding it.

The world is changing around us, but we strongly believe that we can open safely and responsibly. For those that might have questions or concerns, when they see how we are operating and the aggressive protocols that we have put in place, they will understand.

This is our new normal. Our new reality. Covid is here, and we have a responsibility to figure out the best approach to safely operate in this new normal. Businesses across the country are open, whether it’s a local pizza shop in Orlando or an airline taking on new guests.

Without parades, fireworks or intimate character meet and greets, Walt Disney World’s theme parks are going to feel very different for the foreseeable future. Disney deserves credit for trying their best to make a safe environment for their guests, but the debate on whether they should reopen will understandably continue as cases mount in Florida.

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