Walt Disney World resorts are not accepting new reservations before June 1

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that Walt Disney World would remain closed “until further notice” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the company has updated the Walt Disney World website with new language stating that new reservations and modified existing reservations must be made for June 1, 2020 or later.

The section below has been added to the Travel & Information announcement page:

Disney preventing new reservations before June 1, 2020 indicates that they are preparing for the current closures to last quite a bit longer. In the event Walt Disney World has to remain closed for the next couple months, Disney wants to avoid guests having to reschedule, request refunds and go through the overall hassle that comes with a cancelled vacation.

It is worth noting that this update doesn’t guarantee that Walt Disney World will be closed until June 1, but it does show they are preparing for that scenario. This also does not mean existing reservations for before June 1 are cancelled. Disney is simply trying to control the volume of reservations for before that date in the event the parks and resorts have to remain closed.

Disney notes that reservations can be changed to an earlier date should everything reopen prior to June 1.

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