Video: The doors failed to open on Monorail Yellow at several stops, trapping guests inside

It’s once again time to talk about a major issue with a Monorail train at Walt Disney World. A new video shows that the doors on one of the trains, believed to be Monorail Yellow, failed to open for guests at multiple stops. This trapped riders on the train even as stops were made at the Transportation and Ticket Center, Polynesian Resort and the Grand Floridian Resort.

Guests banged on the windows and tried to use the emergency phone, but cast members didn’t notice the issue until a few stops later.

Disney will need to review this incident not only because the doors failed to open, but also because guests had no way of getting a cast member’s attention despite banging on the doors and reportedly trying to use the emergency phone.

Unfortunately, the Monorail trains continue to have major issues at Disney World. At nearly 30 years old, the Monorail trains are long overdue for a replacement. Rumors have suggested that Disney is at least in talks to order a new fleet, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Issues like the ones seen in the video above are going to continue to happen as the current fleet grows older. Thankfully no one was injured during this incident.

Photo via Flickr

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