Video: Concrete foundation is poured for the TRON coaster

A major milestone recently took place for the TRON coaster that’s coming to the Magic Kingdom by 2021. A large foundation pour took place overnight, creating the remaining portion of the foundation for the attraction.

Thanks to some thoughtful folks, we have a great video showing the huge number of trucks and pumps used for this project. The video has some fun views from within the Magic Kingdom and from the Contemporary Resort.

It’s always fun to see what goes into creating a brand new Disney attraction. It takes an army to create and build the next major ride Disney guests will enjoy for years to come.

Next, assuming this project follows the schedule of the identical TRON coaster that was built in Shanghai Disneyland, guests should be able to spot the track as it’s installed. The TRON coaster track in Shanghai was constructed first before a building later went up around the completed track. That should offer some crazy sights for guests in the Magic Kingdom and at the Contemporary Resort.

This video also reminds us of a similar one that came out in 2018 showing the time-lapse foundation pour for the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster at Epcot. Construction at Disney is always fascinating.

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