TRON Lightcycle Run Coaster Vehicles Arrive at Walt Disney World

Ride vehicles for TRON Lightcycle Run have been delivered to the Magic Kingdom! The coaster cars were spotted on a truck near Walt Disney World’s Ticket and Transportation Center.

The coaster vehicles were tightly wrapped, but we we can make out the distinct Lightcycle shape. One zoomed in photo caught the order number being sent to Walt Disney Imagineering Orlando.

We can compare the wrapped cars to the ones Disney had on display for Magic Kingdom guests back in December 2019. It’s easy to identify the similarities.

Obviously this is a big step for TRON Lightcycle Run. Workers have been steadily building out the coaster’s canopy, but now testing with the actual trains could be in the near future.

Disney has not announced when TRON Lightcycle Run will open at this time. All of their marketing efforts have been centered around Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the new coaster coming to Epcot in Summer 2022. TRON Lightcycle Run was left off of announcements for 2022, which suggests a 2023 opening is more likely.

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