Transportation between parks planned to resume at Disney World in 2021

A welcome transportation change is planned for Walt Disney World in 2021. According to Disney, park-to-park transportation is planned to resume in 2021 to make park hopping more convenient for guests.

The official announcement from Disney, which is located on the Parks and Tickets page, can be seen below.

“Park-to-park transportation is planned to resume in 2021, with operations beginning each day shortly prior to the start of Park Hopper hours.”

Disney previously announced the return of park hopping (with some modifications), which will begin on January 1, 2021. Guests with an annual pass or park hopper ticket will be able to visit a second theme park when Park Hopper Hours begin that day. Those hours are expected to start after 2pm, but may vary by day.

A specific date for the resumption of park-to-park transportation wasn’t announced. However, it’d make a lot of sense for it to pick back up when park hopping returns. Disney will want to make park hopping as smooth as possible to entice guests to upgrade to a park hopper ticket.

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