There won’t be a table-service restaurant at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (yet)

Disney recently pulled the curtain back from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, revealing a huge amount of information about the land’s rides, food and merchandise. While there was a lot to absorb from the sea of facts and photos, including the incredible scale of the Rise of the Resistance attraction, it’s also worth noting what wasn’t mentioned – a table-service restaurant.

Original rumors surrounding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge stated that a table-service restaurant would in fact be included in the area. However, with more details released, it now sounds like the food options will be contained to quick-service locations and kiosks / stalls. At least for now.

Looking at the aerial photos of the land, you can see the specific area where a table-service restaurant was supposed to be located. Note the squarish-shaped hole just above the yellow arrow.

Photo via @bioreconstruct

While this news might be disappointing to Star Wars fans, it’s very likely that a table-service restaurant could be added if and when Disney decides to expand the land. Disney has already hinted that they have plans in the works for future Star Wars expansions.

It’s also worth noting that the quick-service locations look to be highly themed with menus that appear to be comparable in quality to Satu’li Canteen in Pandora. These won’t be your traditional quick-service restaurants and kiosks.

For now, it may make more sense to limit the food offerings to quicker options that can keep people moving in and out of the land in an effort to control crowds.

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