The Star Wars Resort is really starting to take shape at Walt Disney World

It’s time for a quick construction update on the Star Wars Resort that’s being built at Walt Disney World. While all of the attention has been on the upcoming opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in August, the Star Wars Resort has quietly taken shape just down the road.

Work has moved quickly on the hotel that will invite guests into an immersive, one-of-a-kind Star Wars experience. New aerial photos show the recent progress.

Permits originally indicated that the Star Wars Resort was supposed to be a two-story structure that features about 100 guest rooms. The actual building looks like it’s larger than two stories in certain areas, but it remains to be seen how the spaces will be utilized. It’s possible that the first floor will actually be elevated off the ground.

Specific details for the Star Wars Resort are limited. The concept art that has been released shows a fully immersive experience that asks guests to join a Star Wars story. Disney has already stated that every window at the hotel will have a view into space. Beyond that, very little is known about what guests will encounter and experience during their stay.

The hotel will be “seamlessly connected” to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, likely in the form of a specialized shuttle that will transport guests to the planet of Batuu.

An official opening date for the Star Wars Resort hasn’t been announced at this time.

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