The Star Wars Hotel appears to have an elevated first floor

While all of the attention is on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ahead of its August 2019 opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a very interesting project is taking shape just down the road. The Star Wars Hotel is advancing relatively quickly, with construction going vertical and an elevated floor taking shape.

That first floor particularly caught our eye as it appears it’s being built slightly elevated off the ground. Many details for the Star Wars Hotel were revealed when permits were filed ahead of construction, but the first floor’s potential elevation has been a bit unexpected.

Take a look at the current work on the hotel in the aerials below.

That sure looks like an elevated first floor to us. The view from the ground shows things a bit more clearly.

To date, we know that the hotel will offer an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience and will feature widows that look out into space. Disney hasn’t revealed how they’re planning to pull off those things, and the other necessary elements to fulfill a seamless Star Wars experience, but we imagine the building will need to have lots of bells and whistles to accomplish those goals.

An opening date for the Star Wars Hotel hasn’t been announced at this time.

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