The exit of the Millennium Falcon ride will change depending on how well you fly

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will give guests an opportunity to fly one of the most iconic ships in the galaxy. Disney has stated several times that your flight will have consequences within the land, which we now know will extend to the exit of the ride itself.

Disney has revealed at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago that the exit of the Smugglers Run attraction will change depending on how well you flew the Millennium Falcon. If your flight is free from too many bumps or laser blasts, the exit hallway will look fairly pristine. But, if you crash or suffer a bunch of damage, the hallway may have broken lights, visible damage and chatter over the comms about the damage you’ve caused.

This is a brilliant way of showing guests how successful (or unsuccessful) they were during their flight as soon as it’s over. It’s a clever post-ride experience that makes it feel like your actions within the ride have meaning, helping sell the idea that the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience is truly an immersive one.

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