Someone is Selling Splash Mountain Water on eBay

Splash Mountain is officially closed at Walt Disney World. Massive crowds waited to say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom attraction, with cast members taking the final rides. Now, one guest is trying to sell what they claim is a part of Splash Mountain history – its water.

There’s a new eBay listing for “Disney SPLASH MOUNTAIN Water LAST DAY OF RIDE” that is going for $30 for a four-ounce jar. Add in $10 for shipping, and you can own water that allegedly was in the ride on its final day for $40. The listing claims there’s only 24 jars/containers available.

Splash Mountain water listing on eBay.

Sound crazy? Well, the listing has apparently sold two jars as of the time of this article. We’re not here to judge how people spend their money, but there’s no way to verify what’s being sold is even remotely authentic.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen people try to capitalize on the Splash Mountain fandom. Resellers swarmed the Splash Mountain merch as soon as it was announced the ride was closing. Those items quickly found their way to eBay at significant markups.

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