Permits reveal new details about Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge

We finally have some new information about the new resort at Walt Disney World that’s replacing the old River Country location. Based on information obtained from recent permits, Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge will sit on the site of the former River Country water park and will have a large main building accompanied by small bungalows.

The folks over at Blog Mickey did a great job of highlighting the areas impacted by the permits, revealing that the old Fort Wilderness beach won’t be around much longer. The entire area will see a major transformation.

Photo via Blog Mickey.

The area shaded in red is the main building while the purple-blue buildings represent new bungalows that are similar to the ones recently added near the Wilderness Lodge Resort.

The permits also show that Pioneer Hall will survive this major project, but it’s possible it will receive some renovations. One Disney insider noted that the space of Pioneer Hall itself might actually expand once everything is completed.

One has to wonder how this project will impact stays both at Wilderness Lodge Resort and at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. One of the best perks of these locations is the feeling of actually being in a wooded area surrounded by nature. Will that feeling survive once this large resort and all of its guests and cars arrive?

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