Leaked photo appears to show disassembled Stitch animatronic from Stitch’s Great Escape

A photo posted to Reddit appears to show a Stitch animatronic being disassembled from the Stitch’s Great Escape attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

The Tomorrowland attraction, which has been closed and in “seasonal operation” for quite some time, doesn’t appear to be reopening with the star animatronic looking the way it does. Disney will often repurpose animatronics for use in other projects, but typically those come from rides that have been formally closed. As of the date of this article, Stitch’s Great Escape remains “Temporarily Closed” on Disney’s website.

This looks like a sad ending for Experiment 626. Stitch’s Great Escape never ranked well with guests, but it’s never fun to see what was once a great animatronic torn apart.

Assuming this is the end for Stitch’s attraction, what will happen with the space? To date, there have been several rumors floated around, including a possible Wreck-It Ralph attraction. However, Disney has been comfortable to let this space sit idle, albeit with the queue serving as a meet-and-greet location, so there doesn’t appear to be any rush to start a new project.

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