Handheld Cameras and Phones Not Permitted While Riding Space Mountain

Guests at the Magic Kingdom will have to abide by new rules while riding Space Mountain. The classic coaster attraction has new signs posted prohibiting handheld phones and cameras for all guests on the ride.

Guests snapped pictures of the signs with the Space Mountain safety change.

All phones and cameras must be stored in a pocket, in the vehicle’s pouch, or left with someone not riding on Space Mountain.

This change is long overdue. There’s always a bunch of items that need to be retrieved at the end of each day. Cast Members have to go in and find phones, hats and more when Space Mountain closes for the day. In addition to that, lost phones and cameras while the ride is operating pose a real safety risk. Space Mountain’s track wraps around itself numerous times, which means a dropped phone could easily hit another car and its passengers.

Space Mountain’s new safety change is also good preparation for the opening of TRON Lightcycle Run. Guests won’t be allowed to bring cameras and phones on the ride, and will likely be asked to leave all loose articles in nearby lockers.

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