Estimated return times added to Rise of the Resistance boarding groups

Disney’s Hollywood Studios reopened to guests this week and, as expected, Rise of the Resistance continues to be the main draw. Guests hoping to experience a close encounter with the First Order need to secure their spot in one of the boarding groups that open at different points of the day. Now, Disney has added a welcome new feature that will assist guests who have secured a boarding group.

After obtaining a boarding group, an estimated return time now appears inside the My Disney Experience app. Check out the Estimated Return just below the group number in the Tweet below.

Previously, guests would be assigned a boarding group number and then have no clue how long they’d have to wait to ride Rise of the Resistance. Is Group 50 a one-hour wait? Two hours? More? There was no real way of knowing. This Estimated Return update at least offers a ballpark time guests can plan around.

Unfortunately, Rise of the Resistance continues to operate with its fair share of downtime. That means the Estimated Return is just that – an estimate – due to the reliability issues that still plague the attraction. Guests should continue to keep an eye on the ride’s status even with the newly-added return time feature.

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