Disney World reiterates they do not have a reopening date yet

Walt Disney World has been a key voice when discussing the reopening of businesses in Florida as a member of Florida’s Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force. During a recent meeting with the task force, Walt Disney World representative Thomas Mazloum (VP of Resort and Transportation Operations) reiterated that the parks and resorts do not have a reopening date scheduled at this time.

Mazloum added that despite reservations being accepted for the month of June, he wanted to “make it clear” that Walt Disney World is still “closed until further notice.” He said he aimed to avoid any speculation regarding Walt Disney World’s reopening window.

Mazloum’s comments can be interpreted to mean that Disney isn’t ready to formally announce a reopening date yet even if one is tentatively on the horizon. The last thing they want to do is announce a reopening date only to have to postpone that plan should the ongoing health crisis worsen in the area.

It is worth noting that one area of Walt Disney World, Disney Springs, has been showing some signs of life over the last few days. Workers have already been spotted beginning to prepare Disney Springs for shoppers. But, that doesn’t mean the theme parks and resorts are any closer to opening.

Disney Springs will likely be the first portion of Walt Disney World to reopen and could be used as a barometer to measure how Disney should approach reopening on a larger scale.

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