Disney+ is not introducing a plan with ads at this time

Disney CEO Bob Chapek participated in a Q&A during the Credit Suisse 23rd Annual Communications Conference. Chapek covered a variety of topics, but his comments on Disney+ were particularly interesting.

Chapek noted that Loki was the most-watched premiere on Disney+. He added that Disney+ will continue to focus on quality over quantity in terms of content creation. With that in mind, Chapek said he anticipates Disney+ will add a new series, movie or library release each week by the end of 2021.

When asked about whether Disney+ would bring ads to the platform, similar to what’s offered at Hulu, Chapek said they do not have plans to introduce ads at this time. However, he said he won’t completely rule out an ad-supported plan in the future.

It sounds like Disney is content with their current subscription model at this time. Disney+ recently increased prices, but they didn’t see a significant drop in subscribers following the change. We’d expect them to follow this format (more content and gradual price increases) for the foreseeable future until it makes sense to roll out modified subscription plans.

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