Disney+ has a 3-hour Arendelle Castle Yule Log for the holidays

Disney+ has a new alternative for your holiday celebrations. Move over traditional yule log! The Arendelle Castle Yule Log is on Disney+ to add a bit of warmth and Frozen fun to your home.

The 3-hour Arendelle Castle Yule Log depicts the traditional burning of a holiday yule log in the castle’s hearth. Celebrate the holiday season in the same room that hosts Family Game Nights as seen in Frozen 2.

Full description from Disney+:

“For your holiday celebrations, set the wintry mood with Anna and Elsa’s Arendelle Castle yule log. The castle is newly decorated this year with elements harkening back to Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven’s recent journey to the Enchanted Forest. Happy Holidays from Arendelle!”

Fun idea, right? There are a ton of yule log options out there, but this is the perfect one for the family that can’t get enough Frozen.

These are the types of creative ideas we love to see on Disney+. The streaming platform gives the brilliant folks at Disney a brand new outlet to release ideas that range beyond the traditional movies and TV shows.

Click here to watch the Arendelle Castle Yule Log.

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