Disney CEO: About 50% of Guests are Paying for Genie+

Disney CEO Bob Chapek mentioned an interesting fact about Genie+ during the company’s Q3 FY22 earnings call. Chapek was discussing demand at the parks and the current reservation system when he said that about 50% of guests upgrade to Genie+.


“Even our Genie product, which we released short of a year ago, now about 50% of the people who come through the gate, buy up to that Genie product … which you can see in results of our yields.”

This is a big increase compared to November 2021 when Chapek said that about 33% of guests were buying Genie+ at the parks.

The percentage increase in guests purchasing Genie+ may be due to improved awareness now that Genie+ has been in the parks for almost a year. The rise might also be tied to the behavior change Genie+ has caused, with more guests believing Genie+ is a necessity to experience popular attractions.

Unfortunately, Genie+ becomes less effective and less valuable for the guest as it grows in popularity. Disney themselves warned guests that Genie+ may only be used two to three times per day during peak times. If everyone is in Lightning Lane, then is there really a Lightning Lane?

We imagine Disney will roll out some changes to Genie+ in the near future. A significant price increase to curb demand will likely be the first strategy pursued.

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