About 33% of guests are upgrading to Genie+ at Walt Disney World

Disney Genie launched in October at Walt Disney World and Disney has offered its first look at the service’s success. Genie+, which is the premium service that offers guests a chance to use Lightning Lane to skip long attraction waits, costs $15 per guest, per day. So, how many guests are upgrading to Genie+?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said during the company’s latest earnings call that about 33% of Walt Disney World guests have upgraded to Genie+ since its launch. That means 33% of guests are spending an extra $15 per guest, per day at the theme parks. You can imagine how those numbers can add up.

Genie+ was a popular talking point for Chapek and Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy as it represents a new revenue point. Genie+ replaces the old FastPass+ system that was previously included with the price of admission.

At a time when margin and yield are the most common buzzwords used by Disney management, it’s not surprising to see Genie+ praised. For guests, the jury is still out on how influential and helpful Genie+ can be.

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