Disney already has plans to expand and evolve Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney recently released a wave of new information revealing the immense detail, scale and depth of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The 14-acre land is one of the most anticipated additions in theme park history, but Disney doesn’t sound content to call the project complete even after it opens to the public.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has reportedly been designed to be a flexible space that’s capable of evolving with the Star Wars universe. That may include expansions to the land itself, such as the addition of a third ride or a table-service restaurant, and the use of flex spaces located within the land.

The folks over at Gizmodo touched on the topic of future expansions coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, as well as the use of flex spaces to keep things fresh.

Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t designed to just be what it is on day one forever. In fact, there are doors and areas you’ll see when you’re there which are already being planned for the future. “We’ve also built in the ability as this land grows, as new characters come on board, as new stories come out, as we see how our guests react to the land, the ability to open new spaces and flex spaces,” said executive creative director for Imagineering, Chris Beatty. “So we built in the ability, in the future, to build the land out more. So we already in our heads kind of know a little bit of what’s next.”


Given the hype and anticipation surrounding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it’s no surprise that Disney is already planning what’s next. They likely have a detailed plan on how they want to add the land’s second phase, using Universal’s expansion of its Harry Potter areas as a benchmark.

Don’t forget that the Star Wars Hotel will also be coming in the future to Walt Disney World, providing a brand new opportunity to advance and evolve the overall Star Wars story.

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