Crews are using a Paint-By-Numbers system to transform Cinderella Castle

The transformation of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom is almost complete. Crews have moved to the lower portions of the castle and are currently painting the stones around the base. There, sharp-eyed guests noticed that the crews are using a paint-by-numbers system to guide their changes.

Check out these photos posted by @CaptainBarbossa:

The paint-by-numbers system is actually a very clever way to keep everything organized. Each number corresponds to a specific color that each stone should be painted. This was probably the easiest way to make sure each stone receives the correct color, but it is kind of strange seeing Cinderella Castle look like something you’d find in a paint-by-numbers kit.

We’re still holding judgement on Cinderella Castle’s new colors until the entire project is complete. So far, the castle has looked pretty different each time we’ve seen it. Overall, we’d prefer for Cinderella Castle to have its own unique look and not resemble the same pink and blue colors seen at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

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