Cinderella Castle stage updated with new logo and platforms at the Magic Kingdom

The Cinderella Castle stage has a new look at the Magic Kingdom. The familiar Castle stage has been updated with a couple new platforms and a shiny new logo for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

The 50th anniversary logo was added in advance of the actual anniversary on October 1.

The larger, more noticeable addition are the two new platforms. The stage previously had asymmetrical platforms that didn’t match. Now, the two stages are identical and balance out the stage.

To date, the Cinderella Castle stage is only being used for the Let the Magic Begin welcome show. Other stage performances haven’t returned at this time.

We really like the new appearance of the Cinderella Castle stage. The old asymmetrical platforms didn’t make much sense, and the new look just feels better. Now we just hope to see more performances return to the front of the Castle.

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