Concept art shows what Epcot’s Future World could have looked like

Epcot is currently going through a massive transformation that will completely alter the look of the old Future World. The changes include the demolition of Innoventions West, a new Moana water feature, a huge festival center that kind of looks like a coffee table and using neighborhoods to describe different locations. But things could have looked quite different.

Martin Smith, the amazing Disney insider, shared one of Disney’s original concepts for the Future World redesign that unfortunately didn’t make the cut. The design below was one of at least four possible designs.

Epcot Future World Concept
Unapproved Epcot concept art via Martin Smith.

As you can see above, this concept saved Innoventions West and the Fountain of Nations. It removed the roofing that stretched over the walkways to turn Innoventions West and East into four unique buildings. According to Smith, these four buildings would have been home to merchandise, dining, a place to meet characters and an expo space. New landscaping would have added a significant amount of trees and plants to the area.

What do you think of this design? We like that it would have transformed the area while still preserving some of Epcot’s historical elements. We also have concerns about how the Festival Center in Epcot’s approved plans will alter the views of Spaceship Earth from around World Showcase.

The unapproved concept is also far more balanced than the design Disney is moving forward with, which you can see below.

Approved Epcot concept art via Disney.

Which design for Epcot do you like better?

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