Animals Enjoy Pumpkins Around Walt Disney World for Halloween

Many of the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge enjoyed some pumpkin enrichment for Halloween. The Facebook page for Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment shared some great pictures of animals eating, playing, and destroying pumpkins.

Let’s take a look.

It’s great to see so many animals getting in on the Halloween fun.

Some animals, like these Red River Hogs, ate their pumpkins.

Red River Hogs eat pumpkins.
Photo via Disney.

Some hippos decided destroying the pumpkins was the preferred approach.

Hippos destroy some pumpkins.
Photo via Disney.

Even the smallest animals joined in.

Photo via Disney.

Several other adorable pictures can be seen in the original Facebook post.

As cute as giving animals pumpkins is, the activity serves an important purpose. This is an example of animal enrichment, which is a way to mentally and physically stimulate animals within their habitat. It’s a change of pace that challenges the animal to figure out a problem (how to crack the pumpkin open) before enjoying a tasty reward (eating the inside).

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