A new Figment design debuts on a bus at Walt Disney World

An iconic Epcot character can now be spotted rolling around Walt Disney World! The beloved character Figment has been spotted on one of Disney’s new wrapped buses.

Walt Disney World has been slowly rolling out new buses that are wrapped with iconic Disney characters. So far we have seen Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Moana and a few others. This latest design is full of imagination.

We love that you can see the Imagination Pavilion in the background near the driver’s cab.

Why are we making a big deal out of a bus wrap? Because the character Figment is such a fascinating one at Walt Disney World. Despite a passionate following and large amount of merchandise, the character always seems like it’s on the cutting block and one step away from being removed from Epcot entirely. The Journey into Imagination ride is rumored to have a massive overhaul coming its way. Figment’s future in the attraction remains uncertain.

But, as Disney continues to roll out new merchandise – or buses – adorned with Figment, fans of the character can hope that he will still have a future at Epcot.

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