What’s the Kiss Goodnight at the Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World has a special way of saying goodbye to guests after a day of fun. The Kiss Goodnight is the closing announcement that plays around Cinderella Castle and Main Street U.S.A. after the park closes for the day.

The Kiss Goodnight normally plays nightly approximately 30 minutes after the official park closing time. This time may vary on certain nights, but you’ll usually be able to hear the Kiss Goodnight a couple times if you stay an hour after park closing.

So, what exactly is it? The Kiss Goodnight is more of an announcement than a show, but it does include some twinkling lights on Cinderella Castle, the voice of Mickey Mouse and some iconic Disney music.

The Kiss Goodnight is a way of thanking guests for visiting and politely asking them to leave the Magic Kingdom. It’s a small treat for guests who have stayed up late to close down the park. Some may call the Kiss Goodnight an easter egg or a secret at Walt Disney World, but we’ll just call it a nice way to end a magical day.

Have you ever seen the Kiss Goodnight at the Magic Kingdom?

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