Video: Disneyland Paris has an adorable new commercial with a tiny duck

We don’t normally talk about Disneyland Paris here, but their new commercial featuring an adorable tiny duck is worth discussing. The new ad debuted on Christmas Day and is an incredible new way to sell the magic of a Disney park.

Watch as this little duck takes us all on an emotional roller coaster.

Isn’t that great? A cute animal and a cute story is the perfect way to convey some of that Disney magic.

We love that this ad is different from the stereotypical Disney commercials. Instead of showing the usual sights – rides and smiling families in Mickey ears – Disneyland Paris perfectly tells a unique story that conveys a special feeling without any dialogue. They show instead of tell. That’s the kind of marketing success that’s rarely found these days.

We hope this is the new direction that Disney heads with their advertising for all of their parks. Instead of a heavy-handed, blunt approach, we’d like to see Disney World and other Disney properties embrace this type of creativity.

David has been writing about Disney since 2018. He founded Notes from Neverland as an outlet to express his love for all things Disney, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Join us for news, reviews and more!

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