The 5 most underrated rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is home to some of the most iconic Disney rides and attractions. From Space Mountain to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, many of the Magic Kingdom’s experiences are familiar with even non-Disney fans.

But what are some of the best rides and attractions that may go overlooked by guests? Which ones are the most underrated? We’ll take a look at five that we think deliver on entertainment despite not receiving top billing.

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Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

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Some love Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor because it offers a place to sit inside with some great air conditioning away from the hot Florida sun. Others love it because it’s a genuinely funny show that has some great repeat value. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s rare for it to have a wait time longer than 20 minutes.

The cast members involved in this show are creative and brilliant. Though each show has the same overall structure, the cast members design their jokes and routines around the guests in the audience. You never really know what kind of jokes you’re going to hear and what kind of audience interactions will fill each show.

Whatever your reason is for entering the queue, we think Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is well worth your time.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Photo via Disney

The PeopleMover has a loyal and dedicated following that is so passionate that it almost excluded it from this list. Still, we had to include it here as it still doesn’t receive the love it deserves.

What makes a low-speed journey around Tomorrowland worthy of your time? The answer can be summarized with a single word – relaxation.

A trip to the Magic Kingdom is usually a hectic, crowded and fast-paced affair. The PeopleMover offers the total opposite experience. There’s something magically relaxing about hopping on the PeopleMover, getting a car just for yourself, putting your feet up (admit it – we all do it) and enjoying the breeze as you pass over the crowds below.

You’ll enjoy some fantastic views and a chance to unwind a bit during your 10-minute journey.

Jungle Cruise

Photo via Disney

The Jungle Cruise might be the cheesiest ride at Walt Disney World. While that might sound negative, it’s one of the key reasons why it’s one of the most underrated attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

The star of this ride isn’t the boat, the animatronics or even the scenery. The stars here are the awesome cast members who take guests on a trek through the jungle with a ton of corny (but very funny) commentary.

It is worth noting that your enjoyment of this ride will depend on the overall effort from your captain. A cast member who has had a long day won’t be quite as fun as one that’s still full of energy. But if you are able to get one of those outstanding cast members, you’ll find yourself laughing throughout the ride and finding a new appreciation for the Jungle Cruise.

Astro Orbiter

Photo via Disney

How could we possibly label a simple spinner ride as one of the most underrated in the Magic Kingdom? While it may sound crazy, the height of the Astro Orbiter is what transforms a simple ride experience into one that’s kind of terrifying if you’re scared of heights.

The Astro Orbiter looms high above Tomorrowland and can be spotted spinning all the way from the hub of the Magic Kingdom. It doesn’t look too intimidating from the ground, but it’s an entirely different story after you get off the elevator and realize how high up you really are. In usual spinner fashion, it feels like you’re going much faster than you actually are once the Astro Orbiter is up to full speed.

However, though we feel this attraction is underrated, we wouldn’t recommend waiting more than 20 minutes for a ride. Long lines can build up quickly due to guests needing to use an elevator to reach the Astro Orbiter platform, and we don’t think the overall experience is worth a lengthy wait.

Tom Sawyer Island

Photo via Disney

OK, so we’re stretching the rules a bit with this one. Tom Sawyer Island isn’t really a ride or an attraction per se, but it is an underrated portion of the Magic Kingdom that many guests overlook. That’s a shame as it could end up being the highlight for guests with children.

After a short raft ride, guests can explore Tom Sawyer Island at their own pace, far removed from the craziness that can be found in the rest of the Magic Kingdom. They’ll find caves, a fort and many other little features around the island that offer children a chance to let their imagination run wild.

Tom Sawyer Island is the best when it’s experienced with a relaxed, slow pace. It requires a totally different approach than the one used around the rest of the Magic Kingdom. Guests who are expecting something flashy or exhilarating will be extremely disappointed, but guests who want to take a break and let their children run wild should be pleasantly surprised.

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